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Gamma-Ray Transient Sources Database

Welcome to our transient sources database page! You can access several searchable online databases of gamma-ray transient sources from this page.
Currently available databases:
1. Spectral and Temporal Database of Magnetar Bursts This database contains the results of our systematic temporal and broad-band spectral analysis of over 1,500 magnetar bursts observed with thve Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer between 2002 and 2009.
2. Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor Offline Transient Search This database contains the results of offline transient event search using Fermi GBM daily TTE data. The searches were performed with 3 different statistical approaches in 4 different modes of various time resolutions and energy ranges. [Dates covered in the search: 2010-07-26 to 2020-05-28]
3. Bursts Observed from PSR J1119-6127 with Fermi/GBM and Swift/BAT Offline GBM search results for bursts originating from PSR J1119-6127 [Dates covered in the search: 2016-07-26 to 2016-07-28]

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Last updated on Sep 7, 2020