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Spectral and Temporal Characterizations of Magnetar Bursts

(Magnetar Patlamalarının Tayfsal Ve Zamansal Karakterizasyonları)

A project funded by TÜBİTAK

Spectral and Temporal Database of Magnetar Bursts

Sources currently included

SGR 1900+14 SGR 1806-20 SGR J1550-5418  
This online database contains the results of our systematic temporal and broad-band spectral analysis of over 1,500 magnetar bursts observed with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer between 2002 and 2009.   For each of the bursting episodes, we applied Bayesian block algorithm to decisively determine the burst durations and other temporal properties regardless of their brightness. we will additionally examined spectral lags between various energy ranges for all of the bursts. We then performed broad-band (time-integrated) spectral analysis in the energy range of 2–250 keV for each of the bursts, using four photon models: 1. blackbody + blackbody (BB+BB) 2. blackbody + power law (BB+PL) 3. cutoff power law (CPL; Comptonized model) 4. double modified blackbodies (LBB+LBB; Lyubarsky, 2002)   Please note that the database is still under construction and constantly being updated.